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How soon do I need to book a wedding photographer?

The sooner you book the more likely it is for the photographer to be free on the date requested.

How long do you keep our photographs?

I never delete the images from the weddings. I keep them all in my archive and if something were to happen to your copy you would always have the backup in my archive.

What deposit do you require and when we should pay you?

I always take a 20% deposit before the wedding, usually on the pre wedding consultation. Then I provide the invoice as your confirmation. The remaining balance is required once my work is done and all the photographs are ready for you.

Where should we have the pre wedding shots?

It’s entirely up to you. I’m happy to travel. It can be a place where you met for the first time, a place that is special to you, a studio or you can let me choose the place for you.

What will you do if your camera breaks on the day?

I use another one! I bring at least two cameras and other backup equipment on the day so don’t worries about that.

Can I book the second photographer?

You can book the second photographer for the wedding day.

How long will you attend the wedding for?

That depends on the package you choose. I’m really flexible. If you’re not sure you can always book the extra time on the day.

What happens after our big day?

After the wedding flowers wilt and I begin work on the photographs – it takes a lot of care and time. It can be up to three-four weeks. When the images are ready I’ll send you an email with a link to your Wedding Gallery so you can look at them and choose what you want to put in your Wedding Album.  Next, I’ll send you your DVD (or USB card) with the images and Wedding Slideshow. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on your handcrafted, leather Wedding Album, with its customized cover page.

What Happens When?

See below for a typical timeline of events

Pre Wedding Consultation

Usually before booking your wedding


Whenever you want to secure the date!

Venue Visit

We try to visit the venue before the wedding and catch up with you if possible.

Pre Wedding Session

After deposit before the wedding (you decide when)

Wedding Day!

Sneak Peek

Up to a week after the wedding

Wedding Photos Delivered

Up to 5 weeks

Wedding Album

Up to 6 months