COVID-19: How our wedding service is changing

COVID-19: How our wedding service is changing

COVID-19: How our wedding service is changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Organising a wedding is a complex process as it is. Thankfully you can always seek for advice from people who already got married or reach out to wedding professionals for information.
In the times of the coronavirus outbreak, we are facing many problems that we never had to deal with before like putting social distancing into practice or planning what to do if we woke up on the day with the symptoms.

The current situation pushes us to evaluate what problems might occur if the future, assess the risks and plan what action we should take in response. We created a Q&A section based on the recent conversations with our clients and our thoughts on how to appropriately and responsibly respond to COVID-19 outbreak. However, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Can you photograph my wedding ceremony?

Before booking us to shoot the wedding ceremony, you should check with your venue how many people can safely gather in the ceremony room. We would be happy to photograph your wedding as long as your venue allows that.

Do you use PPE?

We will bring a facemask on the day and use it when taking photos indoors or when else appropriate during that day.

Has your usual way of work changed in any way due to COVID-19 outbreak?

In order to honour infection control guidelines, we decided to change the way we shoot family group photos. We will ask people to maintain 2 meters gap unless they are members of the same household or a support bubble. We might not be able to photograph the ceremony. It depends if it’s permitted by the venue.

What if one of us came up with the symptoms and we had to cancel our wedding last minute?

If you think that you are developing symptoms of COVID-19 or were asked to self-isolate, we will return your deposit even if you had to cancel last minute.

What do you do to limit the risk of spreading the coronavirus?

We keep up to date with the government guidelines; we also compleated WHO’s ‘Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for COVID-19 Virus’ and ‘Standard precautions: Hand hygiene’ trainings.

What if you developed the symptoms?

Safety first-we would cancel the booking. We will try to handover the booking to one of our colleagues, but if we can’t find the last-minute replacement, we will return your deposit. More in-depth information about our flexible Yew tree package available here.

What would happen with my deposit if we went into a local lockdown and my wedding is cancelled/rescheduled?

We would refund your deposit if the wedding was cancelled due to the local lockdown.

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