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OFF PEAK PHOTOGRAPHY OFFER- Full wedding coverage up to 20% less.

Off peak wedding photography offer


So he has finally got down on one knee and popped the big question – if your answer is yes and you guys are planning the perfect date for the big day then it is time for you to think about having a beautiful wedding! Winter weddings can be as as lovely as the season itself.


Some of the words that talk about the similarities between winter, the season, and wedding, the most glorious occasion in an individual’s life, are: white, snow, bells, happiness, serenity and most importantly, photography. If you are planning to hire a professional photographer for your winter weddings Off Peak Wedding Photography offers a discount of 10% for your wedding photography in January, February and March and a special 10% off from Monday to Thursday. Thus, off peak weddings are always better!
If you are yet not convinced of having a winter wedding for yourself, have a look at some of the reasons below:


1) Winters are cold; the perfect opportunity to wrap yourself in that warm elegant gown you’ve always wanted.


2) Winter weddings remind you of all those fairy tales – From Cinderella to Snow white and the seven dwarfs, there is absolutely no fairy tale wedding hosted on a warm and sunny day. All the princesses adore winter weddings and you can turn into one on your beautiful winter wedding day!


3) Winters are romantic – No matter how much you deny, deep down inside you know how romantic winters are. You know it is worth getting married in this season because the snow-covered white streets and churches look beautiful.


4) You can match the color of your gown with the color of the streets! – Funny but true, your white wedding gown can complement the white snow-covered streets if you get married on a snowy winter day.


5) Not many people prefer winter weddings – The best thing about having a winter wedding is that most of the people do not prefer this season to get married, making your wedding not-so-ordinary. Besides, you get to enjoy all those off-season discounts!


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*please note that there is no pre-wedding session in the discounted packages

**excluding bank holidays.