Autumnal photography session with Wojtek, Marzena and little Mikolaj

In early November I did very important photography sessions. Something that is as normal as autumnal photography session – was very special day for me that day. I photographed with my brother, Marzena and Mikolaj.It was so important because I photographed my family. Surprisingly I don’t do it very ofter as we live over 1000 miles away from each other. My older brother with his wife and their little son.

I went to visit my family over a very special time when little Milolaj (or Nicholas if you prefer) was christened – this is when I saw my nephew for the first time in my life. The day after the christening we’ve managed to go for a short walk to a local woods to take few shots and capture beautiful autumn in south of Poland. It was unforgettable day indeed. Sun was shining on a misty morning and it worked wonderful with the autumnal colours. I really love the result and I think Tomiczek’s family done really great job there!