About us

We’re wedding photographers and privately husband and wife. Our goal is capturing all the joyful moments of your wedding day in the most low-stress way possible. We’ve started our photography journey in 2012. Since then we’ve been helping to capture and create many incredible stories in and out of Oxfordshire, travelling across the whole globe — and we’d be honoured to capture your journey next.

About wedding photographers


It all started when his dad first introduced him to his old-school Practica camera. He taught him all about art of photography and film cameras. He also showed him how to develop film and use a darkroom which Maciek promptly forgot about when he was busy being a teenager.

These skills and understanding of what makes unforgettable photographs came flooding back however when he bought his first DSLR in 2007. Maciek realised how much he missed it, and began to combine his classic photography knowledge with his passion for digital techniques.

Maciek started mtstudio and his journey as a wedding photographer in 2011. He believes that he couldn’t have chosen a better profession. He absolutely loves weddings and photographing people. He loves the dynamic of the industry and keeping up with photography trends and techniques and recently added videography into his wedding packages. 

If you’d like to see some more of his work:

Personal Cycling projects, Studio Work 

About wedding photographers


It’s all about the real emotions and capturing it at the right moment. This is why during the couple’s shoot we don’t pose you but might give you some directions (if you feel you need it). During the wedding day, we try to blend in, quietly observing and capturing each moment as it unfolds.

Since photography is our life journey, we also love travelling for our weddings. In fact, the further the better – we love exploring new places, meeting new people and telling their personal stories. We have a soft spot for quirky and original weddings. The crazier your plans, the more certain it is that we’re on board with you.

About wedding photographers


Hey, I’m Monika (with ‘k’:) I live in Oxford where I also have my studio. Photography is what I do full-time. I shoot mostly weddings however frequently do family sessions as well as work on studio-based projects. This mixed bag of experiences is a great way of staying inspired and positively charged.

I like to think of photographs in your gallery as of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Every image is equally important to create a consistent story. That’s why I never put my camera down, making sure that all details, funny, emotional and unexpected (these are the best:) moments are captured. Majority of the photos I take on the day aren’t staged however if I will give you some guidance during the couples session when you feel that it’s needed and help out with the family photos (if you choose to have them done). During the photoshoot, I work towards creating a relaxed and playful environment. I strongly believe that all great photos are a result of photographer-model interaction. Hence I’m always open to a couple’s suggestions.