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Maciek’s story

Maciek graduated with a degree in marketing in 2008 but he’s been taking photos since he was 5. It’s all started when his dad first introduced him to his old-school Practica camera. He taught him all about art of photography and film cameras. He also showed him how to develop film and use a darkroom which Maciek promptly forgot about when he was busy being a teenager. These skills and understanding of what makes unforgettable photographs came flooding back however when he bought his first DSLR in 2007. Maciek realised how much he missed it began to combine his classic photography knowledge with his passion for digital techniques.

Maciek started mtstudio and his journey as a wedding photographer in 2011. He believes that he couldn’t have chosen a better profession. He absolutely loves weddings and photographing people. Since he started, he has photographed well over 200 weddings and he believes that every wedding is different.

“Every wedding has different story of two people that I love to tell. I always try to find true emotions and real interactions.”